Samsung Impression tricks – Turn 0ff Data Access Nag-Screen

This trick was posted for the Samsung Eternity, but I have gotten it to work with software for the Impression. This will remove that nag-screen that keeps asking for data access, each and every time an Unsigned piece of software wants to access the Internet.  Samsung Impression

You will basically need TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe and a HEX Editor like XVI32.exe. Samsung Cell Phone tips & tricks

Samsung Impression

  • Download TkFileExplorer to connect with samsung impression at first
  • go into settings
  • under Connectivity, Select USB Mode
  • selected Samsung PC Studio
  • Restarted my phone and computer
  • Now it connects flawlessly, you’ll  see are the file folders – music, games and apps, videos, etc
  • click on the exe folder then java and then games.

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  1. estelle says:

    I have an unlocked samsung impression from att and another one that got a phone freeze because they gave me wrong code. i wonder if there is a way to bypass the phone freeze to get my 2nd one unlocked. and for the one thats already unlocked, is there a way to use the internet? thanks.

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