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Samsung Instinct HD gets official

It has taken them long enough, but at least the Samsung Instinct HD is now made official by the carrier, bringing a cool 5-megapixel camera, a 3.2" touchscreen display, high definition video playback, TV out, Wi-Fi connectivity and a proximity sensor among many others in a single phone. You’ll be able to prolong the battery life of this puppy thanks to its Ambient Light Sensor that will make sure the phone’s screen lights up according to the ambient light around automatically. You can pick it up this September 27th onwards for $249.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and signing up for a 2-year contract. Samsung Cell Phone news

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Samsung Instinct tips – Convert and Play videos

I used a free software called Videora iPod Converter. It was intended to be used for converting videos to iPods and the iPhone but works extremely well for the Samsung Instinct.
You can download it for free here.
After your done installing it open Videora (obviously duh).
Once it’s open click on the Convert button along the top (next to Home). Then click on the Video File tab. That will bring you to this screen.

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Samsung Instinct trick – using QPST to enable tethering

How to use phone as a modem Samsung Instinct
(I do not have an instinct to test this on, so it just a hypothetical.)
1) Install Samsung Instinct Driver

a) Go to
[b) select OS
c) download Sprint PCS Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables
d) Install. Make sure to check box for Samsung Drivers

2) Find phones COM port

a) Attach your phone to your computer via the data cable.
b) right click "My Computer"
c) click on "Properties."
d) Go to the "Hardware" tab
e) hit the "Device Manager" button.
f) In the new window, scroll down to and expand the node labeled "Modems."
g) You should see something along the lines of "SAMSUNG CDMA Modem." Right-click that item and go to the properties window for the CDMA modem.
h) Then go to the "Advanced" tab and near the bottom, hit the button called "Advanced Port Settings." In this window, you should see some information saying what the phone’s COM Port Number is. NOTE PHONE OCCUPT 2 COM ports: one for DATA Modem one for DATA Diagnostic. The other COM port will be +/- 1

3) Obtain MSL #

a) Download the demo version of "CDMA Workshop" from
b) Launch CDMA Workshop
c) Set the COM Settings (AT mode) to COM# of your phone
d) Click Connect
e) Click Read
f) If you have the correct port selected the Phone Information will display correctly. If not see NOTE above and try again
g) Click ‘Security’ Tab
h) Under SPC ‘Default (nv_read)’ click Read

i) The # in the box is your MSL. SAVE IT SOMEWHERE!

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Samsung Instinct tricks – Alarm Clock

Just found a way to make alarm work during airplane mode:
1) Display must be set to either:
       a)"Dim: Never Dim" or
       b)"Any of the other Dim options combined with "Off: Lock Key Only"
2) Set phone to Airplane mode: ">Settings >General >Airplane Mode=On
            note: clock will disappear from screen, but its still-a-tickin
3) Set alarm time: ">Main >Clock >Alarm"
4) DO NOT SCREEN LOCK  note: if you lock screen, your alarm will not sound until you unlock your screen (kinda defeats the purpose of setting the alarm, hunh?)
5) Connect to charger, slide Instinct into holder and get some zzzzzzzzzz’s.  Your Instinct will awake you at your set time. Samsung Instinct
not the ideal way to do it, but it works Samsung Cell Phone tips & tricks

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Synching your outlook with your Samsung Instinct alternative

For all the people who use Microsoft Outlook, there is an application called Microsoft Outlook SMS that is a plug in to your outlook. If set correctly, every time you update your calender or set a task for yourself, outlook will automatically send you a SMS to your phone. This is good because you dont have to log on to Gmail Calender to see your schedule. Now, if you ask, what about if im mobile and I want to update my calender. The way around this is to use your gmail calender, make your new entry, if you always leave your mac/pc on, the gmail sync will kick on and sync your gmail calender with your outlook calender, then send you an SMS with any new appointments. This is an alternative to just using gmail calender. Hope this helps out.. Samsung Instinct

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