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Samsung Omnia – Windows Media Player Skins

Diamond Windows Media Player Skin (Portrait) Samsung Cell Phone theme download
Edited poorlyduck’s VGA/QVGA Diamond WM Skin for WVGA (Portrait). Tested on my Samsung i900 OmniaSamsung Omnia
So far, it’s only in Portrait mode. Landscape mode, coming soon. 

Special thanks to poorlyduck.
Share some of yours here too, guys! 

Samsung i900 Omnia – Window Media Player Skins Download

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Samung Omnia Theme – HTC Touch Diamond Download

The long awaiting HTC Touch Diamond is already launched in Malaysia few weeks ago. To those who can’t afford to purchase this new PDA phone, or maybe you want to test out how the interface really looks like, you can try installing this theme to your PDA phone. Frankly speaking, this theme can actually amaze the people around you! 😆 Samsung Cell Phone theme download
Let me present to you, the copycat version of HTC Touch Diamond TouchFlo 3D theme~ This is how it looks like on your Samsung Omnia.
screen001.png screen002.png
screen003.png screen004.png
Of course, this theme is not as perfect as the original TouchFlo 3D on the Touch Diamond. There’s only 5 tabs available for the bottom bar and the 3D animations is not exactly the same as the original ones. Still, it looks really cool on your phone. Mind you that the time on the first screen won’t flip as the original ones 😆
How to install this theme? Samsung Omnia
   1. Download and install SPB Mobile Shell 2.1 into your PDA.
   2. Download and install the HTC Touch Diamond theme.
   3. Soft reset your phone and enjoy!

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Free Samsung Omnia Applications Download

1. SPB Mobile Shell ( ) Samsung Cell Phone software
    This gives me a quicker menu and touch-friendly interface for accessing absolutely all the functions, programs and settings in the phone in a nice looking way. And best of all, it’s very customizable. Samsung Cell Phone theme download
2. Samsung Omnia Skin Package ( )
     Skins for SPB Mobile Shell (also with Samsung Omnia skin ). These skins give comm manager by pressing top of
     the screen, and adds functionality to the phone’s menu. I think it’s actually 3 weeks since last time i
     saw the nasty WM style (or should i say windows 95 style) menus that u usually see when u open the
     start menu and go to programs or settings…
3. S2U2 ( )
     This is a great app that lets u lock the phone iphone style. (I don’t like it because it looks like the
     iphone, but because it’s great to use, quick to unlock, and it looks great. It also shows weather and
     upcoming apointments when locked  )
4. S2P ( )
     Music player that integrates with S2U2 and also has great (AND QUICK) kinetic scrolling, but is much  Samsung Omnia
     simpler than the touch player. No playlists, but it’s under developement.
5. Resco Explorer ( )
     File Browser that supports finger scrolling and is touch optimized. It also let’s u map network drives etc.
     This one is a MUST. Free trial available.
6. TouchCommander’s Touch Task Manager ( )
     This program makes the x-button exit apps instead of minimizing. Also, i have baound this to the menu
     button to pull up the nice task manager that shows running programs, and amount of free ram…
Alternative:   waku WkTASK
     Little app that makes the x button actually EXIT apps ( i really dont understand why this wouldent be
     default setting in windows!!?). This also lets you press and hold the X for minimize and other options.
     And shows running apps along the start-bare like in win xp/vista
7. Ageye G-Alarm ( )
     Great alarm app. I can never trust the WinMo alarm to wake me up, but this thing works. It’s also touch
     optimized, lets you create many alarms, that repeat on chosen weekdays, and you can set up a playlist
     of sounds to wake you up or make them random. Also features a labyrinth you have to complete with
     the tilt sensor in order to turn of the alarm. really cool alarm
8. ThumbCal ( )
     Replacement for the calender so you can even use this feature without digging out the stylus 
     Keeps all the functionality, but looks hell-of-a-lot better than WinMo’s default (as usual when it comes
     to microsoft).
9. Vito SMS Chat ( )
     Gives you a conversation based, stylish sms app, with nice "new-message" notifications and nice
     design. Same reason as above mainly..
10. Vito FunContact ( )
     Phonebook matching the sms chat.
11. SPB GPRS Monitor ( )
     Well, this isen’t a must-have, and iv’e just installed it, but it’s nice to see how much you spend using IM, weather forecasts and all the other things i started using on this phone.

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Samsung SGH-D900 themes download

Here’s the Posche 911 theme for the Samsung D900, You can easily download it onto your phone.  Samsung Cell Phone software

Firstly please click on the link below and download the file onto your PC or laptop.

Secondly unzip these files.  Samsung Cell Phone theme download

Samsung D900 phone picturesSamsung Cell Phone photos

Posche 911 theme for the Samsung D900

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Samsung Omnia i910 theme download – Green Whisper

This theme is available on Samsung Omnia i910. It may work with other Samsung phones too. Samsung Omnia
Download the Samsung theme too your pc. Move the theme from your pc through an infrared connection, Bluetooth connection or a datacable to your Samsung phone.

Tested on Samsung Omnia i910

Made by: nhatt

Samsung Omnia Green Whisper Theme:

Green_Whisper    Green_Whisper Green_Whisper

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