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Samsung LiMo R2 Handsets Unveiled

The first handsets supporting the LiMo Foundation’s Release 2 were introduced Thursday. The Samsung touchscreen devices will support Vodafone’s 360 service, Vodafone said. The LiMo Foundation is the industry group behind the Linux-based operating system for mobile devices.

At the same time the LiMo Foundation said operators planning to bring R2 handsets to market in the coming months include Verizon (NYSE: VZ) Wireless, NTT DOCOMO, Orange, SK Telecom, and Telefonica. Samsung Cell Phone news

Vodafone’s 360 service is using the open source LiMo operating system to enable users to store social networking contacts and phone contacts in a single place.

The collaboration between Vodafone and Samsung that resulted in the Samsung handsets "signals the first of a wave of R2 LiMo handsets due in the coming months," said Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation, in a statement. Samsung’s Vodafone 360 H1 represents Samsung’ first LiMo-based product. The phone features a 3.5-inch WVGA AMLED display and 720P HD video recording.

Samsung LiMo R2 Phone Pictures – Samsung Cell Phone photos


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Samsung M8920 shows up

We just came upon another leaked photos of what seems to be the successor of the Samsung Pixon12. This time however it’s the Korean version of the monster cameraphone dubbed Samsung SCH-W880. The information about the specs list is still pretty scarce but the camera alone to make us drool.  Samsung Cell Phone news

Four months ago the first evidence of the existence of a Pixon12 successor with optical zoom popped up in the net. It was a picture of the Samsung M8920, which sported 3x optical zoom and HD video recording.


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Samsung Pixon12 Shows up

Samsung’s photographic beast, the Pixon12, is still relatively young in the European market, but the manufacturer hasn’t forgotten their home turf. South Korean service provider SK Telecom will apparently be offering a new version of the Pixon12 called the SCH-W880, which notably includes 3 x optical zoom. Right, like the camera needed more pampering. A similar model, bearing the number M8920, made the rounds earlier this summer, but not without any additional information; hopefully more detailed specifications will surface in the near future. Aside from the optical zoom, I wonder what else about the M8920 will be different from its older brother…  Samsung Cell Phone news

Samsung Pixon12 Phone Pictures – Samsung Cell Phone photos


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Samsung Instinct HD gets official

It has taken them long enough, but at least the Samsung Instinct HD is now made official by the carrier, bringing a cool 5-megapixel camera, a 3.2" touchscreen display, high definition video playback, TV out, Wi-Fi connectivity and a proximity sensor among many others in a single phone. You’ll be able to prolong the battery life of this puppy thanks to its Ambient Light Sensor that will make sure the phone’s screen lights up according to the ambient light around automatically. You can pick it up this September 27th onwards for $249.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and signing up for a 2-year contract. Samsung Cell Phone news

Samsung Instinct HD Phone Pictures – Samsung Cell Phone photos


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Samsung M3310 music-centric dual-slider coming soon

Samsung will be introducing a new dual-sliding handsetM3310. Just like that was the case with their previous such device – F400, the focus is on the music, hence the other part of the sliding mechanism unveils a dedicated speaker. Samsung Cell Phone news

Rest of the specs include a QVGA screen, dedicated music control keys, quad-band GSM/EDGE connectivity, 3.2-megapixel camera, media player, and a microSD memory card slot. Size wise, the M3310 measures 101.8×46.9×15.9 mm and has a weight of 94 grams.

Presence of the “Anycall” logo suggests this baby will probably be released in Asia first, and afterwards who knows. Pricing is unknown at the moment…

Samsung dual-sliding handset Phone Photos – Samsung Cell Phone photos


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